CryptoTalk is the next evolution of cryptocurrency communities and discord servers. We have special ranks for special investors along with new features and updates coming out weekly. We also host giveaways in which the users can participate and get free stuff! From our cryptocurrency family to yours.

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CryptoTalk Benefits

CryptoTalk has a dedicated team making the community family friendly with a wide range of users across the world. We are your all around hub for general chat and cryptocurrency needs.

CryptoTalk has special ranks depending on the specific investors level in the cryptosphere, we allow all users from people who are brand new to TA veterans. We have something for everyone.

CryptoTalk has a extremely welcoming community with members waiting to help the new users and answer all of your general questions regarding crypto. 


Our team is a group of experienced investors and general cryptocurrency believers.

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Quote of the week: "In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable." - Robert Arnott


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Our Roadmap


The Official CryptoTalk Roadmap

Discord Created - Q4 2017

CryptoTalk was created in Q4 of 2017. It came together when two like minded investors decided to make a community for others to talk and discuss crypto with while also being a community hub.

Mobile Friendly - Q1 2018

We would like to accomplish one of the best ways to mantain our friendly community. Mobile on the go support to our text blocks in different information channels allow users on mobile to easily navigate.

Dev Log - Q1 2018

We would like to add another page to this website that adds a full devolopment log with features and possibly discord bot support to record bans.

Mass Advertising - Q2 2018

One key part of upkeeping a discord community is constantly getting new active and contributing members to the family. In this step we will start to branch out and advertise on more than just discord lists.

Community Orientation - Q2 2018

We will start focusing on the community in the whole and take bi-weekly surveys which will allow us to add new catagories. 

Expand Giveaways - Q3 2018

When we reach this point we should be able to expand on our giveaways side due to more members. This is something you want to be here for!

Cryptocurrency Reports - Q4 2018

We will have professionaly done trade analysis on cryptocurrency and daily reports regarding new info and news.

Video Game Servers - Q1 2019

Here we will expand to the video gaming genre and host different servers for games such as Rust. At this point we will have the community to back it.

CryptoTalk Merch & Tech - Q1 2019

We will be launching an official merch line along with a technology line supporting many things from USB's to customized mice.

Progress Bars

Here is the progress of this quarters roadmap features.


Dev Log

Countdown until next giveaway

We do monthly giveaways to people in CryptoTalk, here you can keep track of the next one!

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